Despite it’s bad reputation, there are many business travel benefits. Many travelers complain about long days on the road, the grind of airline travel, the sadness of missing family events back home and the loneliness of being isolated from colleagues. But is that view accurate? Many business travelers will contend such views aren’t representative of their experiences. Frankly, many people love traveling for work! Here’s why:

Accumulate Loyalty Points

The number one reason business travelers like time out of the office is earning frequent flyer and hotel loyalty points. For many business travelers, these points are the currency that pays for their vacations. It’s one of the clear benefits of life on the road.

Rejuvenate Yourself

Who doesn’t like to be pampered? Even budget-conscious business travel is full of luxuries you may not have at home—someone to cook for you, clean towels and the luxury of not having to pick up after yourself—or your family. And if you have a client-facing role, business travel can be particularly luxurious. Stepping out from the daily grind can be rejuvenating. An executive with a large multinational corporation that I know even leaves time at the airport for a massage before a cross-country or international flight back home.

Take a Mental Break

This may be counter-intuitive, but it holds true for every business traveler I’ve ever met—one of the best things about business travel is taking a break from your family. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and there may be something to that. Business travel gets you away from family, giving you the chance to have a fresh perspective on things. Sometimes we all need this mental space for ourselves. I know an executive who’s a mother of three young children. Her business travel takes her in front of customers every week, but she reserves one night on each trip to order room service in the hotel and watch a movie uninterrupted.

Buckle Down

Use the time out of the office as an opportunity for some undistracted time to get work done.  Being productive on the road can give you more free time when you get home, reducing the chance for burnout.

Explore a New City   

Over half of business travelers say they take time for sightseeing on business trips. In a prior role, I was a marketing executive and always made it a point to squeeze in a museum or a little sightseeing when I would go on a business trip.

Bonus: Tips to Make Business Travel Easier

Use Apps

Apps like TripIt can help take the stress and frustration out of business travel. You can also use apps like OpenTable to get the perfect restaurant reservation and Uber to get swiftly around your destination.

Sign Up for TSA PreCheck

No matter how much you enjoy business travel, the physical act of travel can still be stressful, especially airline flights. Sign up for TSA PreCheck and save yourself a lot of time and some of the hassle at airport screening.

Fill Your Time

Since business travel can be isolating and lonely, have a plan for how you’ll fill your time. Bring your Kindle. Research what sightseeing is possible in your destination and plot within your schedule.

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